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Emma Misener, along with the Misener Family Harvesters, just crossed Andale, Kansas off of this year’s winter wheat harvest list.  She says there were quite a few attempts by Mother Nature to keep them in south central Kansas with rain nearly every day.  All Attempts aside, they are now getting ready to move along.  If they don’t summon up more wheat acres in Kansas, they’re going to head home to work on the equipment and then try to get to South Dakota.

Emma outlined concerns of custom harvesters heading to South Dakota.

There in Kansas, Emma says that the yields for the winter wheat average around 38 to 40 bushels per acre except for what was double cropped with soybeans.

Those yields, she says, were much worse and brought down the average.

Emma is one of this year’s correspondents for the DuPont and High Plains Journal All Aboard Wheat Harvest Tour.  Even though we’re seeing not the greatest results out of that Kansas crop, estimates for large global wheat stocks continue to weight on the markets.

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