Redland Red Angus


January 2015 

Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our annual spring sale! We are excited to see what the coming year has to offer. Although the past year has not been without its challenges for us and those around us, we feel fortunate to have another year under our belts. 

As we sit down at catalog time and reflect on the past few years it just makes us excited all over again to be in Agriculture. Who would have guessed ten years ago that Red Angus heifer calves would be topping the market across the sales. Red Angus is one of the most sought after breeds in the industry, for good reason as they are highly efficient good carcass cattle, with good structure and dispositions! With these Red Angus females in high demand across the country we feel the best place to start is with…Red Angus bulls! 

We think this is a nice offering of bulls laid out for the sale. With steer prices as good as they are we really whittled on the bulls, leaving the best for our customers. There is something for everyone, as we are offering calving ease, growth, and a few Gelbvieh Balancer bulls. As in years past we are feeding the bulls to optimize their feet and legs to provide a more work ready set of bulls. They are growing out well and will be ready to go to work for you. We will feed the bulls until April 1st, but if you take them with you the day of the sale we will give $50 off per bull. In addition the scrotal circumferences and carcass information will be available sale day. 

This year we are switching it up. We are happy to say that Frontier Stockyards will be providing video, phone, and internet bidding sale day. The videos will be available through our website or on As with the previous years we will be running the videos during the sale. We still feel that it is so much easier on the bulls with a lot less stress on the humans as well! 

We always look forward to hearing from you, and will try to help in anyway. We would also love to hear how our animals are performing for you whether it is good or bad. Remember our gate is always open so stop in anytime to view the cattle, visit, or just have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Meeting and visiting with all the people is one of the things that we enjoy best about being in the cattle business. 

Last but not least we would like to thank everyone for their support. Without our loyal customers we couldn’t do the thing that we love. We really appreciate your interest in our program. Have safe travels and we hope to see you on the 7th. 

From all of us at Redland Red Angus 

Shirley, Bob and Cathy, Chad, Jenny, Elizabeth, and Joseph Al, Ruth, Marc, and Ali.

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