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OMAHA (DTN) — The National Agricultural Statistics Service is asking approximately 73,000 producers across the country to respond to some of the most important surveys involving wheat, barley, oats, rye and hogs, according to a new release from the agency.

The survey will run from August 30 to September 17, and will include information about the 2012 U.S. small grains crops harvested acreage, crops produced, and crops stored.

“With NASS's most recent crop production report forecasting corn and soybean production at the lowest levels in years and wheat production up, it is as important as ever that farmers, livestock producers, grain dealers, policy makers and others who use the statistics receive the best estimate possible of small grains harvest and off-farm stocks for year-end business decisions,” said Bob Bass, director of NASS's data collection and processing center, in the release. “The data, which is equally available to all parties, is a direct result of accurate and complete responses to the surveys.”

NASS will also be surveying hog producers about their summer pig crop, farrowing intentions for the next six months, and current inventory for the quarterly Hogs and Pigs report.

Surveys have been mailed for both small grains and hog information and respondents can complete the questionnaire using NASS's easy and secure online system or fill out the written questionnaire and mail it back. According to the release, NASS representatives will also contact producers who do not respond to the survey to help them provide responses over the telephone.

“By participating in the surveys, farm and ranch operators can help ensure the data are complete and accurate,” said Bass. “We do recognize that farmers and ranchers are having a rough summer. We hope they realize the value of the information to their businesses, communities and industries and that they will take the time to respond to these surveys.”

The NASS release stated that the information provided by producers in the September surveys is kept strictly confidential, as required by federal law. NASS will not publish any individual's information. By law, individual information is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act and is not shared with anyone, including other government agencies. Survey results are available in aggregate form only and are equally available to all parties.

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