Have Wheat in the Bin? Keep it There!!


It is full swing travel time for our crew and as we hit the road, we are constantly asked about what is going on in the wheat market.  While we’re nowhere near experts in market analysis, we do have the folks in the know on speed dial.

Louise Gartner of Spectrum Commodities is one of those phone-a-friend experts.  We spoke with her Monday morning and she says that, along with the Eurpoean debt situation and MF Global bankruptcy, the wheat market is continually being pressured from the export trade.

She explains that the export picture is not a pretty one for the U.S.

Louise is also expecting that the wheat market will carve out a low within the next week or two and then go into a trading range through the winter. 

This spring, though, is when she says we could see fireworks.

Louise also adds that if you have wheat in the bin and can stand to keep it there, that might be the best strategy.

She adds that, if you can’t hold out for spring, the market will give marketing opportunities throughout the winter.  She says to not panic when we see the sell-offs and be ready when the market has a good rally.

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Haylie Shipp



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