Hereford Producers Could See Increases In Cattle Prices


Designed to identify superior Hereford-influenced feeder cattle, the Hereford Advantage program now offers additional benefits to add value to feeder cattle. With these enhancements, cattlemen using Hereford bulls can provide value beyond genetic merit through health and management practices. New components of the program are backed by documented market price advantages, giving producers a great opportunity to increase their bottom line. Established by the American Hereford Association (AHA), this tagging program is now offered in conjunction with IMI Global, an industry-leading source for third-party verification of food production practices in North America.

“The Hereford Advantage program serves as a valuable tool for commercial cattlemen using Hereford bulls to set themselves apart in a competitive market,” says Trey Befort, AHA director of commercial programs. “Cattle feeders are looking for healthy cattle that have been managed properly and that will perform in the yard and on the rail. The Hereford Advantage program helps to identify cattle that will check those boxes and reward producers who are working to do so.”

Requirements include:

  • Source and age (required IMI base verification)
  • Genetic merit
    • Minimum of 50% Hereford genetics
    • Bull battery ranking in top 50% of breed for CHB$ profit index (bull battery average)
    • Bull ownership transferred (all bulls)
  • Vaccination program
    • Two rounds of preweaning vaccinations (minimum)
  • BQA certification

To be part of the Hereford Advantage, download the enrollment form at and submit the completed form to IMI Global. Program cost is $3.00/head (no minimum enrollment required), which includes verification and program electronic identification (eID) tag costs. Additional programs offered through IMI Global such as the NHTC (Non-Hormone Treated Cattle) & VNB (Verified Natural Beef) programs can be added with just an on-site audit fee plus travel expenses.

During the enrollment process, an expected progeny difference and profit index summary for the submitted bull battery will be developed and provided to producers, allowing them to track genetic merit to make future selection decisions. Participating producers will also receive additional marketing support and exposure through this program. Qualifying cattle will be listed on the AHA’s feeder cattle listing page and cattle information will be communicated to a growing list of interested feeder cattle buyers.



American Hereford Association

Northern Ag Network – 2019 

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