High Rise Home on the Montana Plains



(photo of hawk nest)


The, no doubt, arduous climb with her heavy glass plate camera was worth it for frontier photographer Evelyn Cameron. She got this photo of a ferruginous rough-leg hawk nest in 1912. She understood the rough beauty of Montana and was never afraid to go in search of it.

The Ferruginous Hawk—North America’s largest hawk—is often mistaken for an eagle due to its size. The word “ferruginous” derives from the Latin word for iron, referring to the rusty brown of the species’ light color morph. 

Along with the Rough-legged Hawk, the Ferruginous is the only American hawk to have legs feathered all the way to the toes, an adaptation that may help preserve heat on the windy, often frigid plains where it makes its home. The feathering may also protect it from the bites of rodent prey.  Preferred prey includes ground squirrels and prairie dogs.  


MHS Photo Archives #PAC 90-87 NB084E1


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