Historic Action: Three Wyoming Agencies Approve Sheep Plan Rules



In a joint meeting in early July in Pinedale, it was a historic moment when three State Agency Boards worked together to put regulations in place on the rules to amend the Wyoming Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Plan.  


The Plan itself has basically existed since 2004, known as the Statewide Bighorn Sheep/ Domestic Sheep Report and Recommendation, but in 2015 the Wyoming Legislature officially adopted it in statute as the state’s management plan.  


The legislature action required that any change in that plan must now be formally adopted jointly by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, Wyoming Board of Agriculture and the Wyoming Livestock Board.


On July 7th, at a special joint meeting in Pinedale all three Boards met together and voted unanimously to approve the amendments to Chapter 66, which spells out the rules on how the Plan could be changed.  


Although no changes are presently being considered, Wyoming livestock leaders say the new rules have helped remove the uncertainty about how future changes might be implemented if needed.   


CLICK HERE to read Final Report and Recommendations from the Wyoming State-wide Bighorn/Domestic Sheep Interaction Working Group


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Photo credits: Pixabay CC0 Public Domain

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