Horses on Premises, Processing Gets Green Light


The following is portion of an article from Food Safety News:


by Dan Flynn


The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has lifted its emergency injunction from early November, clearing the way for the slaughter of horses before the year ends for meat for export from any of three establishments USDA has found eligible for equine inspection services.


In removing the emergency injunction, the 10th Circuit found those trying to stop USDA from inspecting horsemeat production “have failed to establish a likelihood of success on appeal.” It means that further review will not be expedited of a New Mexico trial court judge’s ruling favoring USDA’s position on horse slaughter.


Blair Dunn, attorney for Roswell, NM-based Valley Meat Co. and Gallatin, MO-based Rains Natural Meats, says his clients are “pushing full steam ahead” to begin processing horsemeat under USDA inspection. Rains reportedly has horses on the premises awaiting slaughter.


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Source:  Food Safety News

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