How Much Food Do You Waste Per Year?


The following article is from the NAFB News Service:

A recent survey by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service estimates 133 billion pounds of all food available for consumption in the U.S. went uneaten in 2010.  Of that, 58.4 billion pounds was in the meat, poultry and fish category. 

The food loss statistics show the meat, poultry and fish category represented 30{0a3336b3da8cf935de4f3eb78fe29508c4b8b5ebd27d01af2d815614325d533e} of the total value of wasted food  yet only 12{0a3336b3da8cf935de4f3eb78fe29508c4b8b5ebd27d01af2d815614325d533e} of the total volume. It also reports two-thirds of the total loss occurred in homes, restaurants and other out-of-home sites and the other one-third took place in grocery stores or other food retailers. 

Expected reasons for food waste include spoilage, processing issues, contamination and waste by consumers who cook too much food for one meal. The 290 pounds of food wasted per capita makes U.S. consumers among the most wasteful in developed nations.

Source:  NAFB News Service

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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