HSUS Releases Cruelty Video Shot at WY Pig Facility


Late Monday, the pork industry got notice that their week was not going to start as smoothly as it had hoped.  The Humane Society of the U.S. had done an undercover investigation of Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC in April of 2012 and that video footage showing inhumane animal treatment was about to go public.

Based in Wheatland, Wyoming Premium Farms, LLC was, according to their website, “established in November of 1995 with the purpose of producing healthy pigs in a clean environment.”  That environment is now under scrutiny with the release of the HSUS footage.

The video can be found below.  Please understand that the Northern Ag Network is not condoning any of the actions nor is this the norm for the agriculture industry.  It is absolutely, unequivocally unacceptable.  It also contains content and language not suitable for all audiences.

The Wyoming Pork Producers Council in their statement to the media says that not only do they not defend the mistreatment of animals, but they “condemn” it.  They add that “Managers at this farm have launched their own investigation following the events documented in the video and policy/employee changes are pending.”

As an additional note to this below video, we have been notified that the HSUS was incorrect is naming this plant as a supplier to Tyson.  According to a statement from Tyson, ”Tyson Foods does not buy any of the hogs raised on this farm for our pork processing plants.” 


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Haylie Shipp


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