“I Am Going to Stop the Monument.”


The following is a press release from the Montana Community Preservation Alliance

Members from the Montana Community Preservation Alliance (MCPA) were among the over one-hundred people in attendance during the round table discussion with Senator Max Baucus in Malta, MT on Friday, October 29, 2010. Those in attendance heard Baucus speak briefly about job creation and small businesses, the need for a wolf hunt in Montana, health care reform, a highway bill and the possible national monument.

Baucus referenced a sign posted outside by stating “I saw a sign out here, gave me a big smile, that said ‘Max, you can stop the monument if you want to.’ Well, let me tell you this, I am going to stop the monument. There is going to be no monument. I’ll just do what it takes to stop it.” Baucus was asked many questions related to the possible national monument which included topics such as the Antiquities Act and Land & Water Conservation Fund. MCPA was happy to hear Baucus is against any monument or free roaming buffalo in Montana.

MCPA was discouraged by his lack of interest in submitting a bill to the Senate which would exempt Montana from any future national monument designations through the Antiquities Act; he also seemed reluctant to commit time to the process to reform the Antiquities Act. Also discouraging was the lack of commitment from Baucus to remove land acquisition funds from the Land & Water Conservation Fund; the federal government should take care of the lands they currently own instead of acquiring more. MCPA will judge him by his actions, not his words, as instructed by Baucus himself during the discussion.

Source:  Montana Community Preservation Alliance

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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