Irrigated Land Owners to Receive Energy Cost Forms from the MT Dept. of Revenue



HELENA – This week, the Montana Department of Revenue began mailing over 12,000 forms to owners of irrigated land. Montana law allows owners to deduct electrical and fuel costs in the calculation of value for irrigated land for the purpose of determining property taxes.


Providing the information is optional for land owners, but it will help the department correctly value the irrigated land for the 2017 property reappraisal.


The forms are due by July 1. Owners should complete the forms with the 2015 energy costs they incurred in their irrigation operations and attach copies of 2015 energy bills associated with the irrigation system. These include electrical or fuel bills for running the irrigation pumps and the annual electrical startup fee. Owners can return the completed forms and supporting documentation to their local Department of Revenue office.

Source:  Montana Department of Revenue

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