Is Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Above the Law?


The following is part of a press release from Citizens for Balanced Use (CBU):

CBU was successful in keeping the injunction in place to stop FWP from continuing to move bison from Yellowstone Park to other areas of Montana. FWP violated state law in moving bison before a management plan was in place and they violated an injunction order from the court when they continued to move bison after the injunction order was issued.

FWP has joined with their partners, Earth Justice and the Defenders of Wildlife, to appeal this injunction order decision by Judge McKeon to the Montana Supreme Court. We have known for sometime the connection between FWP and these extreme anti access, anti private property rights groups but the appeal to the Supreme Court by FWP and their environmental partners on this issue really proves where their allegiance lies.

The Forest Service and FWP recently held a meeting in the Taylor Fork area of the Gallatin National Forest to discuss plans to move more bison from Yellowstone Park into this area. The fact that private property and recreational access in this area would be at risk was not considered or discussed at this meeting. FWP did not discuss or coordinate with the Gallatin or Madison counties on this proposal even though state law requires meetings with commissioners of affected counties where bison may be moved. This is clearly in violation of state law.

 Is FWP above the law?

The FWP has just completed a series of scoping  meetings in areas of Montana to start development of a bison management plan. State law requires public meetings in EVERY county affected by proposed bison introduction yet the FWP held the majority of these meetings in areas far removed from the affected counties.

 Again, is FWP above the law? 

CBU has been notified that Judge McKeon will hold a hearing on the criminal contempt charge against the FWP for violating the court’s injunction when they moved bison after the injunction was issued. This hearing will be on June 20, 2012 at the Court House in Chinook.

We urge everyone to attend this hearing!


Source:  Citizens for Balanced Use

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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