JBS Expects Brazil Beef Exports to U.S. by 2016


Brazilian meatpacker JBS SA expects fresh beef exports to the United States to begin no earlier than 2016, later than the Brazilian government predicted, Chief Executive Officer Wesley Batista said on Friday.

An agreement between the two countries was signed in June, when Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff visited Washington, but Batista said it would take time to work through bureaucratic approvals and overcome resistance from U.S. cattle producers.

“I never thought this would be an easy, simple deal,” Batista told analysts on a call to discuss second-quarter earnings. JBS is the world's largest beef exporter.

Brazil's agriculture ministry had said exports could begin in August for the first time in 15 years. The U.S. Department of Agriculture took the first steps towards allowing imports in late June, but additional actions are required.

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Source:  Reuters

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