JC Heiken Angus & Sons 8th Annual Production Sale


We are a family run ranch located in Broadview MT. Our registered cow herd originated from embroys purchased from Van Dyke Angus in 1992. From the beginning all breeding decisions were made using highly proven, nationally known herd sires to develop the optimum cow herd for our environment. Fertility, thickness, depth and efficiency have been our main objectives from the start. We consistently use genetics from Sitz Angus, Connealy Angus, KG Angus, GDAR and Van Dyke Angus.

We AI over 600 cows to herd sires proven to produce the kind of cattle we are looking for. Our cattle are raised on hard dry land pasture without creep feed. The bulls are developed in large pens where they get lots of exercise to ensure sound feet.

Feel free to contact us or stop by the ranch anytime.

8th Annual Production Sale 

Tuesday, February 24 2015 at 1:00PM 

Miles City Livestock Commission, Miles City Montana

Selling the top 130 of 300 yearling bulls

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