Connelly Angus Genetics For The Long Run Sale


Common Sense Ranching 

    At Connelly Angus we have always bred cattle realizing that the Angus female is the key to making the most out of your ranch's operation.  We have focused on bloodlines and cow families that have proven bred in longevity.

    We strive to breed cattle that will survive and excel in a low input environment, not cattle in an artificial environment with extra supplements, creep feed and extra management.  When mother nature gives you a good year, the calves will really weigh up for you.  More importantly in those dry tough years if your cow herd has the right genetics, your cows can still bring in a good calf and breed back on time without those costly extra inputs.  The wrong bloodlines and /or high powered, high input genetics can really cost you in those tough years if you want them to stay in your herd and avoid a high percentage of open cows.  There are plenty of high input genetics out there that will cost you lots of extra dollars in the good years!

    We take pride in proving to our customers the history behind the bulls they buy.  You will find ratios on all the measurements we take in developing the bulls.  You will find generations of cow production records behind bulls to help aid in your selection.  We believe the best genetics are found over time through a cow producing a good calf year after year through ten plus years while maintaining soundness and udder quality and proving there is actual bred in longevity.  There are great financial rewards in using the right genetics.

    When you buy a bull for your program without any performance ratios or cow family history… you really have no idea what you are in for.  You don't know if you are improving what you already have or in for a big costly disappointment down the road.

    Survival in today's ranching atmosphere allows for few mistakes.  Look to add the genetics to your program that will give you the biggest returns and keep you going for the Long Run.

    Welcome and thank you for your interest in our program.  We hope you enjoy visiting our site, and you are always welcome to come and visit our ranch.  We would enjoy showing you our cattle!

                                                                Thanks again,

                                                                   Connelly Angus

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