Lamb Board Announces New Appointees


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced four appointments to the 2013 Lamb Promotion, Research and Information Board, referred to in the industry as the American Lamb Board. Each appointee will serve three-year terms.

The newly appointed board member is Angelo 'Butch' Theos, Meeker, Colo., representing producers. Reappointed to the board are Betty Sampsel, Stanford, Mont., representing producers; Daniel Lippert, Blomkest, Minn., representing feeders; and William 'Reed' Anderson, Brownsville, Oregon, representing first handlers.

The board is composed of six producers, three feeders, one seedstock producer, three first-handlers and a member of the general public. The secretary appoints approximately one-third of all board members each year.

The American Sheep Industry Association nominated these producer members and association president, Margaret Soulen Hinson, expressed her appreciation of the timely appointments as “the lamb market has changed dramatically this season and it is positive that the checkoff board will be at full strength to address the situation.”

Established under the Commodity Promotion, Research and Information Act of 1996 and the Lamb Promotion, Research and Information Order, the board is financed by a mandatory assessment of one-half cent per pound on ovine animals of any age, including ewes and rams, sold by producers, seedstock producers, feeders and exporters. Also, an assessment of thirty cents per head is paid by first-handlers. Assessments began on July 1, 2002.

Source: American Lamb Board

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