Legislators Advance Interstate Livestock Branding Bill


by Trevor Graff, Casper Star-Tribune

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The House Agriculture Committee on Thursday advanced a bill that would simplify livestock brand laws near the Cowboy State's borders.

House Bill 203 would allow ranchers operating in neighboring states to register brands with the Wyoming Livestock Board.

The bill's proponents say it would simplify brand laws near the state's border and move Wyoming closer to agreement with neighboring states.

“If you have a Wyoming brand and you want to take it into Montana, they have no reciprocity agreement,” said Rep. David Northrup, R-Powell. “Someone has to budge first, or there won’t be a chance for an agreement in Montana. I’m putting the first foot forward, hoping for that invitation.”

Northrup said an agreement would allow ranchers operating under a brand that does not conflict with other brands in a region to register with the Wyoming Livestock Board.

The 10-year brand registration could save operators from neighboring states more than $1,000 per brand over 10 years.

Ranchers operating in Wyoming with out-of-state brands now pay $300 per year for a seasonal grazing permit. The cost of a 10-year in-state registration is $300.

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Source:  Billings Gazette

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