Lex Madden Comments on Red-Hot Cattle Market


The cattle market continues to be in good shape with feeder cattle fetching record prices at many of our local markets.

As one example, last week Torrington Livestock in eastern Wyoming sold calves as high as $2.35 a pound.

Russell Nemetz talked with Lex Madden about this red hot cattle market and if he ever thought he would be selling cattle at these prices.

As for the future, he says he’s cautiously optimistic that these prices will be around for the rest of this year and beyond.

And as a past world livestock auctioneer champion, Russell asked Lex if it was easy adapt his chant from the days of 60 cents calves to 2 dollar calves.

To see the latest prices at our local sale barns, visit our Local Auction Markets page.

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Russell Nemetz & Haylie Shipp


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