Local Photographer Invited to Promote Montana Ranchers


BILLINGS, Mont. – (April 27, 2016) – Todd Klassy, farm and ranch photographer from Montana, will be the guest Instagrammer for two days, April 30 and May 1, as he shares images, stories and a behind-the-scenes look at Montana ranching. Agriculture is Montana’s number one industry and ranks second in the United States with land in farms and ranches, totaling nearly 59.8 million acres.

Modern Farmer is the authoritative resource for today’s cutting-edge food producers and consumers: the farmers, wannabe farmers, chefs and passionate home cooks who are influencing the way we eat right now, according to the company’s website. Modern Farmer sees themselves as the voice behind the food movement, delivering investigative journalism and rich photography.

In search of rich photography, Todd Klassy’s images and stories will bolster local food, cowboys and cowgirls during one of the most social events in Montana’s traditional ranching practices, branding season.

“I was invited to share a behind-the-scenes look at the Montana beef industry to help promote local products through the most prominent agriculture magazine in the country. And while my photography covers all farming and ranching, I decided to focus specifically on branding season as it showcases the true spirit of Montana’s ranchers and embodies community, camaraderie, food and real American hard work,” said Klassy.

Klassy has positioned himself as a Montana commercial photographer specializing in farm photos, cowboy photos, cowgirl photos and travel photos of Montana and the rural American west. He works with an extensive list of editorial clients ranging from Cowboys and Indians Magazine to GQ Magazine as well as commercial clients like the Montana Office of Tourism and National Geographic.

“What you will see are photos of real cowboys and cowgirls; not the kind you see in movies or on dude ranches. These are real ranchers and their families, friends and neighbors who travel great distances across the state of Montana to help brand cattle every spring,” said Klassy.

Through his guest appearance, Klassy hopes to capture the cowboy lifestyle and share that with the variety of readers and followers of Modern Farmer, while also showcasing where food comes from and how it is raised in Montana. The food at a branding is a very large component and at the end of the work day it is a treasured reward featuring homemade goods and tasty beef to satisfy the branding crew. As part of the project, Klassy will also integrate the food and essence of bringing everyone together for a nourishing meal.

Klassy will be featured this coming weekend, April 30 and May 1, promoting the rich western culture—the food and the people—of Montana. To follow the project, visit https://www.instagram.com/toddklassy/ and https://www.instagram.com/modfarm/.

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