Man in Stolen Combine Leads Police on Chase Through Town


Here's something you don't see or hear about every day.  A man in a small rural Kansas town stole a combine and led police officers on a chase through town.  

According to KWCH12 News, emergency dispatch received a call reporting someone was driving a combine recklessly, just after the local law enforcement had received a report of an abandoned vehicle. 

The combine was reported to have struck a wire and damaged power poles along the highway. The man then tore through a residential neighborhood hitting several more power poles, and rammed into pickup truck which tore the header off the combine.

Ellinwood police chased the combine through town, and attempted to set up a road block ahead of the combine,  The road block was not effective, so law enforcement officers ended up shooting the combine until they got it to stop.  

The man was arrested on charges of  aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, felony theft, felony criminal damage to property and reckless driving.  He wasn't apparently drinking (or at least wasn't officially cited for drunk combine driving) and no word on what possessed the man to go on a combine rampage. 

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Source: KWCH12 News



Week 24 (26) by four4dots, on Flickr
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