Miles City Livestock is Back in Business


Today, our networks Lane Nordlund brings us an update from Miles city Montana at the Miles City livestock commission, where, even though there is no structural building due to the fire, the stockyards are moving forward.


On afternoon of June 13th the Miles City Livestock Commission was in heap of twisted steel and a pile of ashes. But today, is sale day at Miles City Livestock, less then two weeks after the fire, the majority of the ruble has been removed and the community of Miles City, area ranchers and the crew at the Miles City Livestock are proving that an unfortunate accident cannot slow down this key component of eastern Montana agriculture. 

Lane Nordlund spoke with the Owner of Miles City Livestock Commision Bart Meged who was feeling very optimistic about today's sale. He also had news regarding the cause of the fire.  

“We are looking forward to having a good auction here today.  We've had good support from the community, people have come in and helped set up for this sale.  We will get along just fine. We got things set up and gives us time to get stuff tweaked. technology is a big help: we have wires running from the box to the TV to the office,” said Meged.  

“The biggest thing is it was electrical we had a forensic and state inspector here, it was ruled accidental and we sure thank everyone for helping make this happen for clean up.” reported Meged.  


Randy Searer the auctioneer added, “We have a portable scale behind me. We have guys horseback bringing them up this alley and coming into the sale ring. We got the buyers out front here and we got an auction ring and its going to work great.”

Northern Ag Network salutes the tremendous effort put forth by the Miles City Livestock Commission where over a 1000 cattle sold today and the people who helped get everything up and running for the sale today only 10 days after the fire.  




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