MOA Conference, Bozeman MT


2015 MOA Conference
by Lou Ann Crowley, Conference Coordinator

Cultivating Soils, Opportunities and Relationships
is the theme of MOA’s annual conference to be held
this December 4-5 in Bozeman at the Holiday Inn.

Organic University, and local tours will be held the
previous day, on December 3.

The keynote address will be given by David
Granatstein, who holds the position of Statewide
Coordinator for Washington State University’s Center
for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources
(CSANR). He brings a wealth of knowledge from his
many educational and research projects, including:
soil erosion control in furrow irrigated fields; onfarm
research of biosolids and compost; integrated
fruit production; and soil quality studies. He spends
a significant portion of his time in support of the
expanding organic farming sector in the state and is
helping to develop the BIOAg (Biologically Intensive
and Organic Agriculture) program within CSANR.

While the number of topics to explore for farmers,
ranchers, vegetable and fruit growers is endless,
here are some that are under consideration: sessions
on potential business opportunities; discussing
the challenges of expanding a current business or
launching a new one in the context of emerging
markets; and the state of organic seed and how to
grow, adapt, and protect more organic seed for the
success of farmers and future generations.

The benefit of being in Bozeman is access to research
that’s being done through MSU in areas of interest to
our audience. We expect to have an open exchange
about adapting to a changing world.

In addition to the Conference, there will be a Kids’
University, a variety of tours on and off campus,
lifetime achievement awards given for Service and
Leadership, entertainment to keep you up all night 

and the best organic food in the State.


We have heard from our members that they would
like more time to network and have hands-on
sessions and we have incorporated those wishes into
the agenda.

This Conference will be the setting for bringing
together the best thinking on where organics stands
today in responding to change, adapting to outside
forces and shaping the future—in Montana and
across the globe.

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