Montana Livestock Loss Board Revamping Loss Prevention Grants

by Colter Brown

Montana’s Livestock Loss Board is currently in the process of revamping its loss prevention grant process to make it easier for ranchers to apply. While in the past many of the past loss prevention grants had gone to non-profit organizations, the board is currently working on getting more loss prevention dollars out to ranchers.

In order to facilitate a new process, two current board members have been charged with reworking the grant application: Elaine Allestad, Big Timber, and Patty Quisno, Harlem. Early thoughts on revisions include lowering the cost share requirement for a grant match to make it more affordable. Keep in mind it is not always a cash match for a cost share, but can be a labor value like installing an electric fence to help keep grizzly bears out of smaller pastures.

George Edwards, Executive Director for the Livestock Loss Board, says, “The board’s philosophy has always been that a rancher will know what will work best for their own ranch. We will never tell you what you need to do to reduce predation. This is where you come in. If you have ideas that may help the board, we want to hear from you.”

If you have ideas that may help the board, send them to the board’s Executive Director George Edwards at  Please keep in mind that funding is restricted to non-lethal methods related to grizzly bears and wolves.

A board meeting to discuss a new grant form will be held sometime during the week of October 11-15th. Meeting details can be found at LLB.MT.GOV.



MT Stockgrowers Association

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