MSGA: A Beacon of Youth Involvement


In the realm of agricultural industry groups, the Montana Stockgrowers Association stands out especially in one area.  The organization boasts an active, involved Young Stockgrowers group.  This was evident once again as the group held their midyear meeting in Great Falls this Friday and Saturday.  With their assistance of these Young Stockgrowers as “elders,” a Collegiate Stockgrowers group has now also sprung up with intense interest at Montana State University.  They have taken the club from nothing to the second largest dues-paying organization in the MSU College of Agriculture in just one semester.

Dr. Rachel Endecott, MSGA Education and Research Committee Chair, explains why she thinks MSGA has attracted younger members.

Not to be outdone by Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, the Young Stockgrowers hosted their own horse race after Friday’s ranch tour.  The horses may be stick and the jockeys might have been a touch over at weigh-in, but it looks like they managed to add entertainment value into an educational MSGA Midyear on Friday night.  Official results, as well as more pictures from Lauren Chase, are sure to be coming soon to the Montana Stockgrowers Association Facebook page!

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Haylie Shipp

Photo by Lauren Chase, MSGA


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