Idaho Wants Changes To Wolf Management


Idaho has informed the Interior Department that it will no longer manage wolves under the endangered species act.

Governor Butch Otter says the state of Idaho has proven it can successfully and responsibly manage wolves, but that recent court decisions have made it increasingly apparent that the Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game needs to focus on the best interests of its citizens and wildlife.

Governor Otter Audio #1

Governor Otter made the announcement Monday after talks between the state and federal government failed to result in an agreement. The Governor says that Idaho has collected a string of broken promises from the federal government on this issue and that the state currently sees no benefit to continuing the current management plan that makes the state responsible for managing a species that is causing great harm to our wildlife, livestock, economy and way of life.

Governor Otter Audio #2

Governor Otto notified Interior Secretary Ken Salazar that his state will no longer act as the federal government’s designated agent. He also indicated that he remains committed to finding a path forward for the delisting of wolves.

Posted by Russell Nemetz-Northern Ag Network

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