MSU Has New Grain Line Available for Commercial Licensing


BOZEMAN – Montana State University researchers have produced a new variety of grain sorghum, a warm season crop adapted to arid climates. This technology – Line 13sorg23 – is now available for licensing. Bid submission forms are due Oct. 30.


In Montana, grain sorghum has the potential to be a dual-purpose crop – supporting birds and wildlife in the growing season, and then as grazing for cattle or sheep in the fall and winter. Birds and wildlife can continue to utilize the stand alongside the livestock.


MSU researchers developed Line 13sorg23 as the result of a long-term open pollination selection process initiated in 1986 at MSU’s Central Ag Research Center (CARC) in Moccasin. Two bulk populations were used in the initial seeding.


The best timeframe for viewing of the new sorghum planted at Northern Ag Research Center will be last week of July through the first week of August, or the first two weeks of August at CARC. Researchers expect to have seed available by Nov. 30.


Those interested in licensing Line 13sorg23 should complete a “Request for License Terms” form, which is available on MSU’s Office of Technology Transfer website – Those forms should be returned to by close of business on Friday, Oct. 30.


Currently, MSU has 257 licenses from technologies developed by faculty and researchers. Of those, 75 licenses are with Montana companies.


For more information, contact Gary Bloomer, MSU Technology Transfer Office, at (406) 994-7483 or




Source:  MSU News

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