MT Alfalfa Seed Committee Announces Grant Funding Available


The Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee is seeking grant proposals for projects, applied research, and feasibility analyses addressing Montana’s alfalfa seed industry needs and opportunities. Montana produced over 3.3 million pounds of alfalfa seed valued at $8 million in 2014, nearly $3 million higher than 2013.
Proposals should have practical, near-term application involving practices or organizational arrangements that will stimulate an expanded alfalfa seed industry. The committee continued to emphasize research projects about alfalfa seed fertility, including levels of micro-nutrients and macro-nutrients, and timing of fertilizer application as their top priorities.  Additionally, the committee is encouraging applicants with projects benefiting the health and production of alfalfa leaf cutter bees to apply.
Generally, projects should be focused on projects improving the quality of alfalfa seed; development or improvement of control measures, alfalfa growing culture, or other research projects to benefit the industry; development of alfalfa seed industry including marketing, and promotions; or disseminating current and new information that benefits the alfalfa seed industry in Montana.  For a full list of eligible projects, view the entire request for proposal.
Proposals must be submitted before on by close of business on February 3, 2016 to the Agriculture Development Division, PO Box 200201, Helena, MT, 59620-0201.  Projects will be reviewed and selected by the Montana Alfalfa Seed Committee. 
The committee provides direction for research and marketing toward the continued growth of the alfalfa seed industry and is comprised of eight members, serving three-year terms, appointed by the Governor.  The next public committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center in Billings, Montana.

Source:  Montana Department of Agriculture

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