MT Board of Livestock Holds Active Meeting


The following is a press release from the Montana Department of Livestock:

The Montana Board of Livestock addressed a variety of issues at its meeting in Helena this week, ranging from its Designated Surveillance Area for brucellosis and official calfhood vaccination to scatter brands and more.

“It was a full agenda,” said board chairman Jan French, a cattle rancher from Hobson. “We addressed some big issues that are important to the livestock industry.”

The Board approved changing the official order that created the Designated Surveillance Area (DSA) for brucellosis into administrative rule.

The DSA outlines certain requirements for cattle producers in counties closest to the country’s last known reservoir of brucellosis in and around Yellowstone National Park (Beaverhead, Gallatin, Madison and Park counties). Changes in the final rule include removing requirements for annual whole herd testing, adjusting the brucellosis vaccination requirement to focus on female cattle retained in a herd, and loosening language regarding penalties for noncompliance.

In a related move, the board took no action on a proposal to implement a statewide Official Calfhood Vaccination (OCV) program.

In other board action:

  • Scatter brands: The board approved a motion to split scatter brands designated with an “or.” The separated brands will then be available to the holder as separate brands one separate brand certificates.
  • Freeze brands: The board reaffirmed its position that freeze brands are not legal on cattle for proof of ownership. However; administrative rules will be revised to allow for freeze branding for trademark purposes.

The next board meeting is scheduled for March 14-15 in Helena.


Source:  MT Department of Livestock

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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