MT Property Taxes Due November 30


The following is from the Montana Farm Bureau Federation:

Montana Farm Bureau urges property owners to protest unfair phase-in of tax increase

The Montana Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) has been granted a hearing on Dec. 7 for their motion for class certification. Testimony and  arguments for and against the motion will be given at that time. In February 2010, The Montana Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) and the Montana Taxpayers Association (Montax) filed a class action lawsuit against the Montana Department of Revenue.  Farm Bureau believes the Montana Department of Revenue failed to correctly calculate phase-in amounts for agricultural properties statewide. The phase-in was supposed to be done over a six-year period but instead, almost the full amount was taxed in the first year.

The state’s largest agricultural organization is urging property-tax paying Montana landowners to continue paying unreasonable increases in their agriculture property taxes under protest as part of their class action lawsuit.

“Simply pay your total tax bill, but remember to write that you are paying the difference between your current tax and 2008’s tax total—under protest because of incorrect phase-in,” notes MFBF’s Nancy Schlepp. “For instance, if your 2008 property tax was $1000, and suddenly your 2010 taxes are $1500, you need to pay $1500, but tell them you are paying $500 under protest.”

“Our goal is to arrive at a statewide and consistent methodology that insures producers have the full benefits of the phase-in ordered by the Legislature,” notes Schlepp. “Property taxes are due by November 30, so be sure to write that check by the deadline. But also make sure that you, as a agricultural property owner—are treated fairly by the Montana Department of Revenue.”

For more information, contact Nancy Schlepp, at

Read “Montana Farm Bureau Appeals Supreme Court” for more background information.

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