New Brucellosis Infection Reported in Wyoming’s Sublette County


Wyoming state veterinarian, Dr. Jim Logan, has been notified by the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory and the National Veterinary Services Laboratory there is another new case of brucellosis in a cattle herd in Wyoming – this time in Sublette County which is in the Wyoming Brucellosis Designated Surveillance Area (DSA). 

Serologic testing at both laboratories has shown reactor level results on two animals from one herd. Further testing, including bacterial culture, will be conducted to confirm serology results. 

Logan, and assistant state veterinarian, Dr. Thach Winslow, are working with the owner of the infected cattle and are conducting an epidemiologic investigation. The herd with known Brucella-positive animals is under quarantine at this time. No sexually-intact cattle can be moved from the quarantined premises until conditions of the quarantine release are met. There are four contact herds associated with this case that will be required to have their herds tested. The herd owners have already been notified. 

This case is not related to the case found in early October in Park County or the case found in Teton County earlier this month. There is no epidemiologic link between any of these cases but it is expected that infected elk are the source of all three. 

Brucellosis is a bacterial disease that can cause cattle, elk, and bison to abort their pregnancies, typically late-term. All of Wyoming’s brucellosis cases since 1988 have been determined to have been caused by transmission from infected wildlife to cattle or domestic bison. For more information contact the Wyoming Livestock Board field office at 307-857-4140.

Source: WY Livestock Board


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