New Cottage Food Law Goes Into Effect


by Morgan McKay – MTN News


A cottage food law goes into effect statewide on Oct. 1 which could mean an increase in jobs all over Montana.

“There were cake decorators, jam makers, there were people that wanted to market granola, popcorn or honey,” said Rep. Kathleen Williams of Bozeman, referring to the groups of people who pushed this cottage food law into legislation.

After over four years, the new cottage food laws will finally go into effect. This will allow for people to sell low-risk food items to consumers straight from their kitchen.

“The intent is that this is a small cottage industry. This is not for food producers or anything, this is for people making small amounts of product out of their own kitchen,” said Tim Roark, environmental health director of Gallatin County-City Health Department.

People are allowed to advertise online, but must only sell face-to-face. Low risk food items available for sale include breads, cakes, jams, dried fruits, and nuts.

The cottage food law also gives local farmers the ability to sell some of their food on their own.


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Source:  KTVQ 2 

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