New Department Head Excited about Industry Connection


Recently Pat Hatfield was named head of the Montana State University Animal And Range Science Department, which is one of the fastest  growing departments at Montana State.  Northern Ag Network's Lane Nordlund had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Hatfield who shared his excitement about his new position as department head and the pivotal role that the College of Agriculture has with producers across the region

Dr Hatfield:  “I 've been different places with different jobs and went to school different places. But, Montana probably has one of the best connections with the industry.  I think we've held to our values with outreach that is good for the industry. We have people that teach who have a passion for agriculture. A lot of the faculty have been ranchers and run their cattle and their own operations. We show up at Woolgrowers, at Stock growers. I think we are pretty connected. And, we've been able to do that and also in this environment compete for research dollars. I think we have a good balance going forward. 

Lane: Dr. Hatfield has served on the faculty of the MSU Animal and Range Science Department since 1996 and he is also a native of Billings.  There's no doubt that the agricultural education at Montana State is continuing to grow and prosper.




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