New MSU Extention MontGuides Covering Crop-Damaging Insect Pests


Montana State University Extension has released the two latest editions in its MontGuides series on crop-damaging insect pests, covering the cereal leaf beetle and the pea leaf weevil.

The new guides contain essential information that producers need to manage these insect pests, including identification, biology, life history, types of damage and management recommendations.

These publications are the first MontGuides to be released in a new single-page format, called pest fact sheets. The new fact sheets are intended to be a quick, concise reference for producers on pest insects and their management.

Clain Jones, an associate professor in MSU College of Agriculture’s Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, recently conducted a survey of client needs and preferences in Montana agriculture. Survey responses indicated a desire for a shorter format, with just the essential information, according to Kevin Wanner, MSU Extension specialist in crop-damaging insect pests. The traditional four-to-six page MontGuide format will still be appropriate for wider-ranging subjects that may involve multiple pests or crops.

Based on Jones’ survey results, Wanner worked with Susan Anderegg, a graphic designer with MSU Extension Communications and Publications, to create the new format. The new fact sheets also contain photos and links to video presentations, which give more detailed descriptions and information.

“Over the next few years the goal is to add to this series to cover (all) major insect pests that damage important agronomics crops in Montana,” said Wanner.

The pest fact sheets can be found online by searching the MSU Extension publications store for “cereal leaf beetle” and “pea leaf weevil”:

For more information, contact Wanner at (406) 994-5663 or


Source:  MSU News Service


The cereal leaf beetle is one of the crop-damaging insect pests covered in the new MontGuide fact sheets. Photo by John Rosenfeld.

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