New Opportunity Future Agriculturalists!


For a college student, scholarships are immensely important but, often times, difficult to obtain.  Students living in states that grow sugarbeets, such as California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming, are now eligible for a scholarship exclusively available to them.  The Syngenta Sugarbeet Scholarship program is open to any high school senior or college student (seniors not included) who have the intentions of building a career in agriculture.  Syngenta is sponsering this program and will be presenting the winner with a $5,000 award.  The scholarship will be available in time for fall tuition of this year and applications are now being accepted up until mid-June.

In the applications, students must give testament to agricultureal experience and involvment.  They must also include information about their intended major and an essay not exceeding 350 words about ways the sugarbeet industry can maximize its resources to accomodate the growing demands of the country in areas of food, feed and fuel.  Topics within this essay should mention land use, technology transfer, water optimization and biodiversity. 

The deadline for the applications is June 16, 2010.  More information about the scholarship and application instructions can be found at

A winner will be selected and announced in August.  Along with the $5,000 scholarship, the winner will also be invited to attend the 2011 American Sugarbeet Growers Association meeting in Tuscon, Arizona in February.

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