FWP Not in Direct Contempt with Bison Relocation


According to news from New Media Broadcasters (NMB), a bison hearing held in Chinook this past Friday is going to result in yet another bison hearing.  The discussion at hand was whether or not Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) was in contempt of court for transporting bison to the Fort Peck Indian Reservation when a restraining order was in place.

Because the bison were already in transport when the order was granted, NMB reports that Judge John McKeon ruled that the action was not in direct contempt of court.  As per an FWP request, a hearing on whether or not the agency was in indirect contempt will be heard before a new judge.

CLICK HERE to read the full story from NMB.

Source:  New Media Broadcasters

Posted by Haylie Shipp


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