Northern Ag Network’s Most Viewed Stories of the 2010’s


As we enter a new decade, we took the opportunity to look back on the last 10 years to see what stories were the most interesting to the Northern Ag Network audience on

  1. Wildfires are something we deal with across the West. In 2015, 13 states were dealing with wildfires and our neighbors of Idaho and Oregon struggled in with a big one known as the Soda Fire.
  2. The fluctuating of cattle prices is no new scenario for producers and feeders. Not only did we see a this as an issue in 2019, but the market collapse of 2015 had different reasons to fall.
  3. Unfortunately, livestock get out and sometimes accidents happen. The bizarre death of a rancher trying to help police put his bull down was one of the more interesting stories of the last ten years.
  4. The National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility is set to be completed by 2022. But concerns were raised over its location in Kansas when groundbreaking began as the new facility will replace the Plum Island Animal Disease Center come 2023.
  5. Another story of a vehicle and cattle to top the decade, except this semi didn’t yield to the warnings as 18 cattle were killed in northern Wyoming.
  6. Folks in central Montana won’t soon forget about the Lodgepole Fire that burned more than 270,000 acres. Thanks to many that helped those affected through donations of all kinds.
  7. The Northern Ag community has always rallied together to help those in need, especially in the wake of a major loss. Here’s the heart warming story of support for the Murnion family from early 2015.
  8. It’s always been up hill both ways to school, but a Montana State University economics professor found that maybe only four days is better for rural schools.
  9. Electric Logging Devices have been a hot topic for several years. This opinion piece expresses some of the frustration seen across Northern Ag country with ELDs.
  10. An MSU economics professor explains some of the factors that play into the age old question, what was causing feeder cattle prices to fall?

Note: These stories were chosen based on the page views recorded by Northern Ag’s analytics.


Northern Ag Network – 2019

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