Official: Quality Supply to Become Murdoch’s


The following is a press release from Quality Supply:

Dave and Suzanne Peterson are retiring (after more than 31 years working together) and will sell Quality Supply’s 4 stores to Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply of Bozeman.  The two companies have many things in common, including:  a focus on the Western MT lifestyle in the products carried, an understanding that outstanding customer service is essential to success in retailing, a commitment to philanthropic support of the communities served, and last but not least, that the employees are the core of a successful business.  Like Quality Supply, Murdoch’s is a Montana-owned company.  They have 17 current locations in 4 states and one new store opening in Colorado later this year.

Quality Wholesale was started by Clarence and Eunice Peterson (Dave’s parents) with a partner from Bozeman in 1965.  Dave came to work for them in 1972.  In 1975, Clarence and Eunice bought out their partner and renamed the store Quality Supply.  Suzanne joined the business in 1980 when she and Dave married.  In 1984, they purchased the Missoula store from Dave’s parents and opened the second store in Dillon.  Over the next 13 years new buildings were built for the existing stores and two more locations were added, Hamilton in 1995 and Butte in 1997.  Most recently the Petersons purchased the Ziegler’s Building Center location in Missoula and converted it to retail space, office space and a distribution center for the stores.

Of particular importance to Dave and Suzanne are the 175 people who have been employed by “The Q”.  Murdoch’s will be keeping all of the retail store employees and Distribution Center employees.  Most of the administrative staff will lose their jobs as these functions are handled out of Murdoch’s Bozeman home offices.   Although 10 – 12 people will lose their jobs, more than 160 of Quality’s employees will make the transition to Murdoch’s.

Suzanne and Dave are thankful to the communities and loyal customers who have shopped at “The Q” for more than 45 years.  “Our success has allowed us to give back to these communities with financial support for philanthropic organizations, and by being a good employer. “ It is a success story for all.

The sale will take place Tuesday, June 14th.  The Missoula and Hamilton stores will be closed that day for training and the Dillon and Butte stores will be closed on Wednesday, June 15th for training.  The stores will also be closed for inventory on the following days: 

  • Friday, June 10th – Dillon and Hamilton
  • Saturday, June 11th – Butte
  • Sunday, June 12th – Missoula

Source:  Quality Supply

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