Our Region Recieves $254 Million in CRP Rent


Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced earlier this week that during October, USDA will distribute approximately $1.6 billion in annual Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) rental payments to America’s farmers and ranchers.  So what does that mean for producers here?

Here’s the breakdown of the numbers…

In Montana, roughly 3 million enrolled acres from just over 6,000 operations brought in just shy of $100 million.

North Dakota’s 2.7 million acres saw rental payments worth nearly $94 million being dispersed to nearly 17,000 farmers and ranchers.

In South Dakota, over 14,000 operations with 1.1 million enrolled acres brought in a touch above $55 million.

And in Wyoming, $5.7 million was dispersed to 611 operations that have over 210,000 acres enrolled.

To see how our region compares to the rest of the nation, see the full report.


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Haylie Shipp



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