Perdue: Trump Will Protect Farmers if Trade Fails


Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue says President Donald Trump will protect U.S. farmers from trade retaliations. In a USA Today editorial, Perdue says if China does not soon mend its ways, “we will quickly begin fulfilling our promise to support producers.” Perdue says Trump knows U.S. farmers feed, fuel and clothe the world, and that he will “not allow U.S. agriculture to bear the brunt” of China's retaliations. China is retaliating against the Trump trade war by targeting U.S. agricultural products, such as soybeans, and many others. The Department of Agriculture has yet to release its plan to support farmers through a trade war. Perdue says it’s a simple case of ‘not releasing your plan when the opposing team is watching.’ However, agriculture is eager to see what’s in store as trade tensions rise. Meanwhile, Perdue says, if Trump is successful, “farmers will reap the benefits.”


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