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United Horsemen’s Petition to Congress

Last week United Horsemen joined with horse industry members, supporters, and concerned citizens all across the nation to send a simple but powerful message to Congress, “Take Action Now to Stop the Unnecessary and Wasteful Suffering of Horses and Horse People.


Since 2007, Congress has annually prohibited the use of federal funds to inspect horses destined for food, effectively prohibiting domestic slaughter which, according to a Government Accountability Office reporthas caused a decline in horse welfare, and the economic decline of the horse industry.


Last week Wyoming House District 52 Representative Sue Wallis, who is also the Vice President of the United Horsemen, called the Northern Ag Network and talked about the core mission of United Horsemen.


Click here to listen in! 


 She also gave us some rather surprising news from the Senate Appropriations Committee.


Good News for the Horse Industry! 


The Ag Appropriations bill that was passed in the Senate will now go to conference where the House and Senate will sort out the difference between the House bill which does contain an amendment, from Congressman Jim Moran (D) of Virginia, prohibiting the inspection and the Senate bill which does not.


To add your name to United Horsemen’s petition to Congress for the removal of  the annual riders from the Ag Appropriations bill CLICK HERE! 

The Deadline is September 15th!


Posted by John Walton

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