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Imagine walking through a grocery store and grabbing things from the shelves.  You’ve got your milk and your bread and you pull up to the line and start to unpack your cart.  They ask you if you want paper or plastic.  Then they ask you if you want to pay for your groceries now or later.  There’s no extra interest charge, but if you need to wait until after your paycheck comes in at the end of the month, you can!

Sounds crazy, right?  While it’s your livestock’s groceries and not your own, one company is taking this approach to payment. 

In June of last year, the company that we’ve all gotten to know as Loomix was acquired by ADM Alliance Nutrition.  Loomix is still the company that you’ve known for the last 60 years, but with the acquisition, some things have changed. 

Matt Ramsey is the business manager for the ADM Alliance Nutrition Liquid Feed Division.

He recently told us about an ADM program that allows you to get supplements or feed now and pay later.

Matt says that this allows them to line up the costs of the supplement to when they have the revenue coming in.

Jared Breinig is the national sales manager with ADM Alliance Nutrition Loomix and he was actually part of the acquisition, having worked for Loomix beforehand. 

While not all acquisitions are met with smiles and open arms, he says this one was a great deal for both companies.

To get more information on ADM Alliance Nutrition, Loomix, or the Feeder Finance Program, visit their website.

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Haylie Shipp


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