Protesters decry killing of wolves and bison in Montana


HELENA — Calling on the state and federal government to allow free-ranging bison to reoccupy traditional ranges and objecting to the killing of bison and wolves, protesters rallied on the steps of the Capitol in Helena Tuesday.

Led by James St. Goddard, spiritual leader of the Blackfeet Tribe, the roughly 50 who had assembled held signs and spoke out against the government-sponsored killing of animals deemed sacred to native people.

St. Goddard gained national headlines last year when he attempted to deliver a buffalo heart to Gov. Steve Bullock in protest of spring bison hunts. Bullock was not at the Capitol at the time and St. Goddard was prohibited from bringing the heart into the governor’s office.

“I guarantee anybody who stands in the Indian way anymore — that goes for these legislators, Obama, my good friend Mr. Bullock — Creator’s going to deal with you,” he said. “He’s going to deal with these people killing these buffalo for no reason; killing these wolves for no reason.”

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Source:  Billings Gazette, Helena Independent Record



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