Pulse Crop Revenue Insurance Needs Sales Data By November 30


Pulse growers across our region are reminded that November 30th is the deadline for the Pulse Crop Revenue Insurance Program.

But this year’s collapse in market prices is creating an unusual scenario for pulse growers. And a lot of growers are wondering what to do.

Charlie Cahill is a farmer from Flaxville, Montana and also owns Cahill Seeds. Like other pulse growers, this year has brought a lot of confusion about whether contract prices established in the spring would be recorded as harvest prices even though the current spot price or cash price is much lower.

Russell Nemetz talked with Charlie Cahill about his advice to other pulse growers on establishing a 2018 harvest price for the Pulse Crop Revenue Insurance Program.

He says he’s hopeful that a more permanent and viable solution will be available for pulse growers

If growers have questions, they should call their local crop insurance agent right away because again the deadline is November 30th, 2018.

Source: Northern Ag Network

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