Ranch Revenue Diversification Through Ranchwear Clothing

by Andy Schwab

As inflation continues to plague producers in the ag industry, many are looking for ways to diversify their operation to add income to their bottom line. Justin Lucht of Valley Raised Beef has found an unusual diversification option, by inventing a new line of ranch clothing!

His new start-up company, Cow Boss Ranchwear, not only provides additional revenue; it also solves a problem that plagues producers’ day-in and day-out.

“Cow Boss Ranchwear was started to solve my own problem,” said Lucht. “I’ve got a million things to do in a day and I’m running two businesses, so I always keep my phone in my shirt pocket. The trouble was that every time I bent over to do anything, my phone was always falling out of my pocket,” Lucht added.

So, Justin Lucht designed a denim shirt with deep dual front pockets that is made to fit the ever-growing smartphone while still being able to close the pocket cover. This keeps a consumers technology secure and avoids repair or replacement bills at their local cellular store.

Despite only launching in late 2022, Cow Boss Ranchwear is already getting recognition well beyond the borders of their Lovell, Wyoming base. Kate Herden of Vida, MT saw the new Cow Boss shirts for sale on social media and knew it could solve her husband’s problem on their 4,000 acre operation.

“We’re about 100 miles to the nearest cell phone store, so it takes almost a full day of work away from me when I have to go get a replacement,” said Garrett Herden.

Along with the dual pockets helping holster your smartphone, the ‘Big Sky’ model offers two pen sleeves to keep your writing utensil in reach. The all-weather fabric in this durable work shirt wicks away moisture, and the shirt tails are also longer to ensure they stay tucked in all day.

Cow Boss Ranchwear is sold in store and online, including at the Lucht’s own gift shop at Lovell, and strong early demand has encouraged the Lucht family to come up with new products and ideas.

If you have trouble keeping a cell phone in your own shirt pocket, you might want to check out the new shirts at Cow Boss Ranchwear in Lovell, Wyoming.


Northern Ag Network – 2022

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