Region Soars in Winter Wheat Quality


With producers in our region pretty much wrapped up with planting winter wheat and showing some great crop conditions, it looks like the nation is off to a tough start.  The USDA in its first assessment released yesterday rated 47{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} of the crop in “good” or “excellent” condition.  That is the lowest proportion since at least 1995.

While not pretty nation-wide, our region is definitely seeing the top end of those ratings.  Montana winter wheat is rated 78{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} good to excellent compared to the 5-year average of 56{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4}.  South Dakota winter wheat is 68{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4} good to excellent and while not seeing numbers that high, Wyoming wheat is fairing better than the national average at 55{4d08edaf359bc2115b18a651716ebd427a137946ddca2143fa23b3ea721061e4}.


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Haylie Shipp


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