Resources for Producers Affected by Wildfires


Fires across Montana have burned more than 200,000 acres in recent weeks. Those farmers and ranchers affected by the fires have a long road to recovery. Damages incurred by producers across the state include livestock losses, outbuildings, equipment, haystacks and fences. Thankfully, there is an outpouring of support to help friends and neighbors rebuild.

We intend to continue updating this page as more needs and information become available, so please check back. Below is a running list of where you can help or donate to those producers impacted by the Huff Fire in Garfield County. Producers in several other areas across the state have also been impacted by wildfires, so we will compile that information as it becomes available.

A big thank you has to go out to all the volunteers, friends and neighbors, who have selflessly donated time and money to help those affected by the fires.


Huff Fire Local Resource List


Cash Donations:

  • Monetary donations to those affected by the Huff fire will be managed by the Garfield County Fire Foundation.
  • Checks can be made to Garfield County Fire Foundation c/o Garfield County Bank PO Box 6, Jordan, MT 59337 (406-557-2201)
  • Donations can also be made online here.
  • If you have questions, call Christine Weder at 406-852-0990


Hay Donations and Hay Hauling:

  • Livestock producers in need of hay that have not already received a needs assessment should reach out to Jana Hance. Hay will be delivered directly to the producer and not using mutual yards.
  • Hay donations or hauling offers will be logged and matched with locations.
  • Call or Text Jana Hance: 406-974-2555


Fencing or Ranch Supply Donations:

  • Landowners in need of fencing material need to reach out to Lori Murnion at 406-977-2334.
  • Donors interested in purchasing fencing supplies directly can call the Jordan Cenex at 406-557-2215.
  • Donations received will be allocated directly to landowners.
  • Immediate needs are wire, clips, pipe and steel posts.


Food & Household Supply Donations:

  • Available to households affected by fire or volunteer crews
  • Contact: Jeanna Stanton: 406-230-1672


Fencing Crews to Donate Time and Labor

  • Volunteer crews are scheduling trips to the area and need to match with landowners to provide assistance.
  • Landowners or volunteers should call or tex Anne Miller at 406-853-3610.


Also, any farmer or rancher who sustained losses in one of the fires should contact their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office. FSA offers disaster assistance and low-interest loan programs to assist Montana farmers and ranchers in recovery efforts following wildfires or other qualifying natural disasters.

Available programs and loans include:

  • Livestock Indemnity Program (LIP) – offers payments to eligible producers for livestock death losses in excess of normal mortality as well as injured livestock that were sold at a reduced price due to adverse weather.
  • Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP) – provides emergency relief for losses due to feed or water shortages, disease, adverse weather, or other conditions, which are not adequately addressed by other disaster programs.
  • Emergency Conservation Program (ECP) – provides emergency funding for farmers and ranchers to rehabilitate land severely damaged by natural disasters; includes fence loss.
  • Emergency Loan Program – available to producers with agriculture operations located in a county under a primary or contiguous Presidential or Secretarial disaster designation. These low interest loans help producers recover from production and physical losses.
  • Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) – provides financial assistance to producers of non-insurable crops when low yields, loss of inventory, or prevented planting occur due to natural disasters including excessive wind and qualifying drought (includes native grass for grazing).

USDA Disaster Recovery Assistance Brochure is available HERE.


Photo Courtesy of Jo Dee Watson

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