Respected Rancher in Montana Increases Profitability with LongRange


Across our region, ranchers are rapidly wrapping up calving for 2017. 

This week the National Ag Statistics Service reported that calving is 88 percent complete in Montana; 85 percent complete in Wyoming; 79 percent complete in North Dakota and 85 percent complete in South Dakota.

Montana ranchers are also reporting 14 percent of the cattle in Big Sky Country has already been turned out to pasture.

With more to follow in the coming weeks, now’s the time to be thinking about how to put more pounds on your calves and keep those pounds on thru sale day all while keeping those mother cows in good condition too.

One of the biggest challenges ranchers face in accomplishing this are internal parasites. Now, with the help of some new technology by Merial, ranchers can protect their cattle this spring for 150 days of parasite control in a single dose.

During a recent trip to the Green Mountain Angus Ranch near Ryegate, MT, the Northern Ag Network’s Russell Nemetz  was able to learn first about LongRange from Merial Veterinary Experts and also hear first hand from a well-respected rancher about the positive results of using LongRange on his family’s ranch.

Watch to see how when you help break the parasite life cycle with LONGRANGE, the benefits last all season.3,4 Then see how your current program stacks up with the Digital Dewormer.

To learn more about LongRange click here.

Source: Northern Ag Network and Merial

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