Reverse Trade Missions Spur Wool Sales

by Brett McRae

The American Sheep Industry Association has hosted two reverse trade missions in the past month, resulting in the sale of more than 400,000 lbs. of grease wool from several states – including a variety of wools ranging from fine to coarse.

Buyers from China were in the United States this week, while a buyer from Italy visited a couple of weeks ago as part of the program to expand sales of American wool.

“These trade missions play a vital role in promoting American wool, educating buyers and facilitating introductions to the U.S. exporters, warehouses and growers,” said ASI Director of Wool Marketing Rita Samuelson. “Most importantly, they result in the purchase of American wool during challenging conditions.”

ASI partners with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service to fund this program and develop market access for American wool worldwide. This collaboration helps create multiple competitive markets, ensuring broader reach and increased opportunities for American wool in the global marketplace.

Through this program, ASI identifies potential buyers, builds relationships and brings interested buyers to the United States to learn about the variety of wools produced within the country. With three reverse trade missions already completed, additional trips are a possibility later this summer.



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