Russian Hackers Break into Nebraska Irrigation District’s Computer System


World-Herald News Service reports: 


The Central Platte Natural Resources District’s computer system was hacked by Russians about three weeks ago, but officials don’t believe anyone’s identity was compromised.

General Manager Lyndon Vogt said it’s not believed that the hackers got into the system’s QuickBooks database that lists names, addresses and Social Security numbers of people served by the NRD and employees.

Vogt said the hack involved disabling the computer system’s antivirus software and then installing a virus. No data was lost because of an automated feature that backs up data every 15 minutes.

A ransom request for release of NRD system data helped link the hack to someone in Russia. Vogt said the automatic backup made it unnecessary to consider paying the ransom.

Nebraska Association of Resources Districts Executive Director Dean Edson said the Upper Elkhorn NRD based in O’Neill experienced a similar hacking incident recently.


Source:  Omaha World Herald



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